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Octalina Hardiyanti, anggota Orangufriends di Samarinda | July 14, 2013
Friday is an enrichment day at Samarinda Botanical Garden (KRUS). Every enrichment day, we have to present new ideas and to think about what are the interesting things for orangutans in every enrichment we made. For us Orangufriends, this is very fun and challenging! On the second Friday in July 2013, we made bamboo enrichment. But, this time was different bamboo enrichment. We did not cut the bamboo, but this time we needed long bamboo ...
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 Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP)’s annual COP School course attracts students from many backgrounds and regions, all with one common aim, to save the orangutans! We are delighted to introduce batch 3’s group, some of them are the vet students from 3 universities in Indonesia, whom already have strong connection to the species. But here in COP School, they will learn more about the species that COP focus on, orangutan. This year, we welcome students ...
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Satria Wardhana | June 21, 2013
Pingpong is one of a dozen orangutans in Samarinda Botanical Garden. When he came to this zoo, he was so shy, fat, and always crossed his arms. Seeing his attitude, we assumed that Pingpong would be difficult to be taught to be a wild orangutan. The first thing to do for him was, we took him to the forest school. As we assumed that Pingpong would have difficulty to climb the tree, even he refused ...
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Octalina Hardiyanti, anggota Orangufriends di Samarinda | June 14, 2013
“Hi guys, do you know who I am?” “Beaaar.” “What is my colour?” “Blaaack, brooown, whiiite, reeed,” all the students answered as their imagination when Tedy the bear handpuppet started the show on Thursday, 30 May 2013 in Fastabiqul Khairat Kindergarten in Samarinda.  The forest and its content were introduced to the children through handpuppet story. We introduced Rosi the deer that loves to eat grass, Otan the orangutan that loves to swing from tree ...
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Paulinus Kristianto | June 06, 2013
The scooter drivers in Balikpapan held a reunion in Segara Sari Manggar beach on 25-26 May 2013 with the theme of this event 'Scooter is One, Scooter Cares about the Environment', this event was attended by all scooter drivers in Balikpapan. At least, more than 3 big scooter clubs took part of this event. COP also took part in this event. As an organisation that actively disseminates nature desctruction in East Kalimantan, COP had been ...
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Location: Kong Beng Sub-district, Kutai Timur District, East Kalimantan  The Centre for Orangutan Protection believes that protecting habitat is the best way to protect the wildlife, including orangutan. Palm oil companies, such as Gunta Samba Jaya Ltd/Salim Ivo Mas Pratama Ltd/Indofood Agri Ltd. have a key role to protect the wildlife and their habitat, particularly inside their concession area. This role is the effective marketing to answer market demand on sustainable palm oil products, environmentally ...
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Daniek Hendarto | May 21, 2013
In the bird market, we can buy any animals from the cheapest one to millions one. From this place, the wildlife trade wheel is moving to the extinction. Because, not only birds to be sold, but also other animals including slow lorises, wild cats, monkeys, weasels, tigers, even orangutans.  For the wildlife photographers would be hard to find the animals in the wild. But, they would easily find the animals inside the cage in the ...
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Paulinus Kristianto | May 10, 2013
Emon, that is how Mrs. Siti’s family calls her name. Emon was one of orangutans that kept as pet by Mrs. Siti. At least there were 3 orangutans before. When the team arrived at Mrs. Siti’s house, Emon was very scared, her hair were standing and started to break the twigs and threw at the people surrounding her. Emon is 14 year-old female orangutan. She was taken from her mother since she was a baby, ...
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MEDAN – Weak law enforcement and against orangutan crime issues in Aceh are more frequent, because the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) is not working optimally to do its main responsibilities and functions. The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), the Aceh Orangutan Forum (FORA), and the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Forum (FOKUS) join forces to urge the Ministry of Forestry to rescue the orangutans that are kept as pets in Aceh and enforce the law by ...
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Jakarta – The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) launched a campaign Free Orangutan Movement (GOM) today. GOM’s aim is to free the orangutans that are kept illegally as pets in Aceh. Daniek Hendarto, Campaigner of COP states as following: “A letter regarding illegal captive orangutans has been reported to the Aceh Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA). Generally, the orangutans’ condition is very poor, like humans, they could die if they don’t get help immediately. An ...
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