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| Tuesday,30 October 2007
A report from Sean Whyte The following photos and captions are but a very brief comment on a trip made at the end of October 2007 to one small part of Central Borneo. What you see and read below is commonplace throughout most of Borneo. Much of what one sees, looks like a nuclear bomb has dropped....with tree stumps uprooted and burnt, no people, no wildlife. It is the worst possible nightmare for anyone with ...
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United Nations Environment Program stated that orangutan is on the brink of extinction due to illegal logging, palm oil plantation opening and forest fire. Now, when you are reading this, excavators are destroying forest in Kalimantan, which is a habitat of orangutan, to make way of palm oil plantation. Forestry Department and BOS Foundation keep on working hard to save Orangutan from slaughtering in palm oil plantations. Now the number of Orangutan in Rescue Center ...
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| Tuesday,7 November 2007
COP is working to help Tumbang Koling villagers in planting rubber trees and various local trees in Cempaga. The replantation takes place in forest area that had been destroyed by companies of oil palm plantation. It is expected that in 3-5 years ahead, the trees will have already grown strongly and be ready for orangutan habitat. The replantation was held on October 25-31st, 2007. We plan to enrich this degraded forest with 1000 tress every ...
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| Tuesday,16 November 2007
COP activists help local people to rehabilitate their forest after destroyed by palm oil company in Cempaga - Central Borneo. We planted at least 1000 local trees and we will plant thousands more trees. It has been our dream to secure the area to be protected forest for orangutan. Unfortunately, 63 trees logged by illegal loggers during a week Ramadhan Holiday when nobody from COP or Sahabu family stay in the forest.  We are really ...
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| Tuesday,9 Desember 2007
Mr. Agustin Teras Narang, the Governor of Central Kalimantan said that he will response COP’s report about orangutan habitat destruction by IOI Plantation Group in Parenggean - Central Kalimantan, after meeting with Hardi Baktiantoro, the COP’s Executive Director in UNFCC meeting in Bali. Hardi submitted a detailed report of his investigation. This report contains the evidence how the IOI Plantation destroy the orangutan habitat during the RT5 of RSPO meeting in Kuala Lumpur (20 - ...
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| Tuesday,12 January 2008
Loggers always follow the plantation’s excavator. Cempaga forest under serious danger, not only by plantation’s excavator but also by illegal loggers. Even though it is illegal, the plantation company just ignore it. Are they linked as logging mafia? Sahabu and family guard their forest all the times to prevent logging. It has been logged once when he do not stay in the forest because of sick. COP supported police to come a nd see. The ...
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Palangka Raya (ANTARA News) - Sejumlah satwa langka spesies endemis Kalimantan Tengah (Kalteng) beberapa tahun terakhir menghilang akibat minimnya program konservasi satwa di wilayah ini. "Sejumlah satwa asli yang hidup Kalimantan Tengah kini tidak lagi dapat dijumpai keberadaannya di alam liar serta populasinya pun tidak pernah diketahui tinggal berapa," kata Direktur Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) Hardi Baktiantoro, di Palangka Raya, Sabtu. Diantara satwa yang diketahui mulai hilang populasinya di alam bebas itu diantaranya seperti ...
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| Friday,11 May 2007
London, 26/3 (ANTARA) - An international campaign to save the Orangutan is underway in Britain where consumers are being discouraged from  consuming products that contain elements of palm oil grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. Several British charities that focus on the protection of the orangutan launched the campaign by encouraging well-known British and overseas supermarket chains including ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose to stock and sell products only with the label 'Orangutan Friendly' "This is at least one positive ...
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A shocking UN report details how the booming palm oil industry is wiping out one of man's closest relatives as its forest habitat disappears. David Smith asks if it's too late to save them The Orang Utan, one of man's closest and most enigmatic cousins, could be virtually extinct within five years after it was discovered that the animal's rainforest habitat is being destroyed even more rapidly than had been predicted. A United Nations report has ...
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