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| Thursday,25 September 2008
Meet COP Fellow
Tri Ivana Agustin was elected a fellow of the Skills Sharing@COP Campus. She will spend about 3 months to learn practical skills to be an environmental activist. Currently she learn about documentary filming. Nakula and Sadewa, the twins of COP supervise her.   Tri (pronounced as Tree) was born in Pendahara, a small village in the bank of river Katingan, Central Kalimantan. COP works here to against a company that will clear 42.000 hectares forest  ...
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Jakarta, 5 September 2008 Sebanyak 15 media baik  nasional dan kantor berita internasional diundang dalam konferensi pers yang diadakan COP (Centre for Orangutan Protection) hari Kamis, 4 September 2008 di Jakarta. Dalam konferensi tersebut COP menyerukan pada publik bahwa moratorium (jeda penggundulan hutan) adalah salah satu kewajiban yang harus dijalankan oleh perusahaan kelapa sawit yang beroperasi di Kalimantan untuk meminimalisasi laju kepunahan orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus). COP juga menyayangkan penolakan Gabungan Pengusaha Kelapa Sawit (GAPKI) atas ...
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Konferensi Asia untuk Satwa (AFA) 2008 yang berlangsung di Sanur, Bali pada 27 – 29 Agustus kemarin menjadi sarana tukar informasi terbaru mengenai kondisi satwa di negara-negara Asia untuk para peserta anggota konferensi. Selain itu dalam konferensi ini juga diadakan sejumlah workshop penanganan kasus-kasus yang berkaitan dengan binatang, lomba poster dan pemeriksaan ke Bali Zoo yang melibatkan para peserta konferensi. Pada hari  kedua, Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) yang menjadi salah satu peserta konferensi mempresentasikan ...
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http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008/jun/08/ethicalliving.lifeandhealth1 | Thursday,25 September 2008
Hardi Baktiantoro nominated as Grassroots Campaigner of the Year
The Observer Ethical Awards, in association with Ecover, may be in their third proud year, but I am still a gibbering wreck during the run-up to the last judging lunch. And so a few weeks ago I sat awaiting a troupe of A-listers with a proven interest in matters green and ethical, and trembled slightly. I was also chairing a panel of expert judges made up of the UK's most eminent environmental and social-justice professionals ...
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August 2008. Suddenly Bukit Sentuai or Sentuai Hill became important for COP. The hill that is located in Kuala Kuayan – Central Kalimantan, became the target for palm oil plantation of Agro Holdings. This has to be stopped. Any delay means more forest lost and orangutan killed. This company, a member of RSPO, has a bad reputation when it comes to orangutan. The APE Crusader moved fast towards Bukit Sentuai, crossing floods that isolated the ...
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Novi Hardianto | Thursday,08 May 2008
Pembabatan hutan untuk membuka perkebunan kelapa sawit hampir selalu diikuti dengan tindak kejahatan dan kekejaman terhadap orangutan. Bagi orangutan dan ribuan species satwa liar lainnya, hilangnya hutan berarti hilangnya habitat dan sumber makanan. Pohon kelapa sawit muda adalah pilihan satu - satunya yang tersedia setelah hutan habis. Karenanya orangutan dianggap sebagai hama yang sangat merugikan. Para pekerja perkebunan kelapa sawit, baik atas perintah pihak perusahaan maupun inistiatif sendiri- sendiri, memburu dan menangkap orangutan. Hampir 100% ...
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| Wednesday,20 February 2008
Forest Rehabilitation
Stone Christopel Sahabu and Subiyan show a young rubber tree that planted on December 2007. COP planted at least 1500 rubber trees by the end of 2007 to rehabilitate the destroyed forest. We still continue this program by planting 500 more trees each month. Cempaga Forest is the home for orangutan and any other 11 species of mammals, 38 species of birds. ...
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The development of our Wildlife Defender Camp settled up at the 4th week of February 2008. A wildlife hunter who employed by palm oil company has decided to join COP as our camp guard. He, Mr Minar, is a villager of Tumbang Koling and now stays in the camp with his family. Besides guarding the forest, his main job is rehabilitating the destroyed forest by planting the trees. His targets are 500 trees every month. ...
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| Tuesday,10 April 2007
Villagers refuse PT.MAKIN
The villagers of Tumbang Tura refuse the paln of PT. Makin Group to develop palm oil plantation in their forest. It based on experience that palm oil will only bring bad things to people like loss of livelihood, lands, forest fires and grasshopper pest. They wrote to Minister of Forestry regarding this matters. On this letter, they also stated that the comoany steal their also. COP organize local people to protect their forest. The village ...
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Even though they knew that their concession area is home for 1500 orangutan , PT.Makin Group stated that they will not go from their concession area located at Kecamatan Pulau Malan Kabuoaten Katingan. This decision based on they spent a big amount of money in investment. Yosef Ilham, the environment officer said that the company conducts a research to ensure that no more orangutan will be killed during the lands clearing. { PT. Makin Group ...
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