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Orangutan DNA
Po'o, a nine-year-old male orangutan which is suffering from malnutrition during a captivation by Mr. Kasdu, his former owner, ever since he was three years old. Po'o's  Mum was shot by a poacher. A son of Mr. Kasdu bought Po'o from a palm oil plantation worker for Rp 300,000. in an area of Kuala Kuayan and trusted Po'o to his father for a pet afterwards. Ever since he was four years old, he has been ...
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A male orangutan named Kenthung, who has been entrusted by BKSDA to the Agro Khatulistiwa Amusement Park since 2004, was found injured On Monday (January 18, 2010). In the park he is kept in a two-point-five-by-three-meter cage, which is neighboring to long tailed macaques’ cage. He might have been attacked by the macaques living next door who came into his cage through a big hole on a broken partition, which splat the cage into two ...
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| January 19, 2010
Get Well Soon, Kenthung!
On Tuesday (January 19, 2010) a COP’s team left for Agro Khatulistiwa Amusement Park in a dark and drizzling day. Revalino and Seto were met by the park’s administrator who liaised them to Kenthung’s cage soon subsequently. The orangutan looked weak and passive because of swollen cuts on his fingers, which were obviously visible. The injury may have been taken place after two long tailed macaques had came into his cage and bitten him in ...
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| December 14, 2009
Kalimantan, Indonesia
Does indigenous community care about orangutans? They don’t possibly. However they do care about their forest as it provides them with rattans, rubber, wild animals, and timbers on which they have been living on for generations.  Deforestation for palm oil plantations is a real threat for the sustainability of the indigenous people’s income, as well as for orangutans’ existence. COP establishes a co-operation with such people to protect their forest. Therefore, both orangutans and the ...
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| November 12, 2009
COP returns to the Streets
The Centre for Orangutan Protection brought another protest to the capital city. About nine COP's activists accompanied Christofel Sahabu, a senior inhabitant of Tumbang Koling village from Central Kalimantan, to call for a halt in further deforestation in Kalimantan island. The small group staged its protest at the HI Circle of Central Jakarta, Thursday almost noon, in the middle of one of the busiest junctions in the city, just below the Welcome Statue. Sahabu, with ...
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Sampit, West Kalimantan – The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) and the people of Tumbang Koling village stand up today to fight for illegal loggers and palm oil companies that damage their traditional forests located at Cempaga upriver. A big tent was set up in the Southern part of the forest that is side by side to a palm plantation of PT Windu Nabatindo Lestari, a subsidiary of IOI Corporation Berhad – Malaysia. Starting today, ...
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| October 6th, 2009
COP’s Forest School
The forest along Katingan river in Central Kalimantan is home to about 3,000 orangutans (Population and Habitat Viability Assessment 2004). The survey conducted by BOS Foundation and Forestry Department in December 2005 had showed that the concessional area of Makin Group palm oil company was inhabited by 1,600 – 2,000 orangutans.  There are at least 15 companies in possession of permits from the local government to develop oil palm plantation in the area. Several of ...
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A new Palm Oil Campaign Update Report (attached) from Nature Alert (UK) and the Centre for Orangutan Protection (Indonesia) puts the government of Indonesia and the palm oil industry in the firing line for their complicity in the maiming, torture, and killing of orangutans, year after year.   Over the past ten years at least 20,000 orangutans have been either killed or, captured and sold into the illegal pet trade without a single prosecution: No ...
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An orangutan submitted by Pontianak citizen to West Kalimantan’s Agency of Conservancy and Natural Resources (BKSDA) is now ailing. Jojo, the orangutan, is now in fever and very weak. If no help is arriving soon, the orangutan could pass away anytime. The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) has observed that there has been not even one BKSDA staff to take care and feed the orangutan. It has been often happened that the West Kalimantan BKSDA ...
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The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) frees an orangutan named Jojo from being domesticated as pet by a family in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. He was brought to the Agency of Conservation and Natural Resources (BKSDA) of Pontianak on August 4, 2009 to be taken to a temporary shelter owned by the agency. Jojo was brought tranquilized to the BKSDA office, accompanied by veterinarian Adi from Sinka Zoo of Singkawang city and was received by BKSDA ...
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