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Orangutan DNA
It was 7.30 at night when COP’s staff arrived at Tura, a village located by the up river of Katingan river of Katingan District in Central Kalimantan Province. Soon, we headed to the village chief’s house, where we usually stay during our duties in the Dayaks’ settlement.  The chief himself met us at the doorway when we showed of at his front yard. There was a family gathering commemorating the Good Friday that night, after ...
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| March 26, 2010
Rescued Orangutan Keliur
 One more illegally captive orangutan has been identified by COP at Sepaso village in East Kutai District of East Kalimantan. When found, the orangutan, named Keliur,  was chained in the neck and placed behind a house owned the orangutan’s master, Supian. He received the female orangutan four years ago from a half-aged woman and had been keeping Keliur as a pet since then, until the day when a team of COP spotted the red ape ...
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| March 26, 2010
Rescued Orangutan Andrean
 This female orangutan has been captivated by Masliansyah for a month. According to his confession, he captured the endangered animal in a farm behind his house.  He formerly insisted not to submit the orangutan to BKSDA section II Tenggarong. Two teams which respectively formed by COP and BKSDA committed persuasive approach with him afterwards. Shortly he gave in and agreed to have the endemic animal of Indonesia confiscated and relocated to the rehabilitation centre subsequently. ...
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Joost de Zwart, a tourist from Holland who was volunteering for COP Orangufriends, was trying to convince a group of young men to sign up for memberships of Orangufriends, an orangutans' conservation supporting community formed by COP. They, apparently, couldn't get the message due to their poor English mastery. Refusing to give up, Joost went to any length and accept their request for being photographed with the 'audience' of his, while expecting it could become ...
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MOTHERBLUES is an indie band from Tasikmalaya, West Java. Its musical works portray its personnel's concern towards social problems like drug abuse, environmental issues, poverty etc. They term their own music as rock n pop roll with chords of love and beat of humanitarian. The band, whose one of their activities is visiting schools, other than having musical performance on the stage, is also part of a community of activists for environmental efforts. During the ...
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Jakarta - The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) urges Mr. Zulkifli Hasan, the Ministry Forestry to abort a bill for ministry regulation which redefines palm oil plantations as forests. Although minister of forestry has guaranteed that it will not lead to massive forest conversion, to become palm oil plantations, and been preparing mosaic concept to redesign areas for palm oil plantations within plant forests, it will not be working effectively due to its long record ...
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Jakarta - Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) and Shaggydog, a popular band in indonesia, calls the youth of Indonesia to raise and unite for orangutans’ protection. The appeal is based on the facts that brutal actions destroying orangutans‘ habitat is getting worse now. Orangutans’ massacres remain on a stand still as an access of deforestation for palm oil plantations.    “We must do actions to save orangutans now. Orangutans are the only great apes originated ...
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| February 10, 2010
Rescued Orangutan Cepot
 Another baby orangutan has been found in the palm oil plantation’s area belonged to PT Agro Urea Sakti at Sebulu. The baby orangutan seemed to have been forcedly left by his mother which had to run away and escape from dogs’ chase for her life. Due to the dogs’ bitting and clawing during the pursuit, the baby orangutan suffered from a cut on his shoulder . Dogs are indeed commonly used by corporations within palm ...
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A team of COP Orangufriends visited PSKD Mandiri School in Menteng of Central Jakarta on a sunny Monday morning for a soft campaign of orangutan conservation. The activity was started by singing Indonesian National Anthem solemnly as well as high-spiritedly by eighty students, from primary 6 to lower and upper secondary classes, PSKD teachers as well as the COP’s team. During the visit COP spelled out the teen agers and the teachers about the latest ...
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It is still down when Orangufriends personnel start spreading and finding "targets' within the east vast parking lot of Senayan, Jakarta. As usual, the area is always crowded with jogging people from the crack of down till morning. Among hundreds of the jogging citizen of Jakarta are bicycle clubs. They split in clusters of five to fifteen cyclists who are cycling around within the parking lot or just hanging out and displaying their bicycles, which ...
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