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Jakarta - Centre for Orangutan Protection's (COP) thanks to BOS Foundation for evacuating four young orangutans from BKSDA cages in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan. They were rescued by COP and submitted to BKSDA as the only authorized government agency for orangutans and their habitat protection.    The cages belong to BKSDA are very narrow and roofless and so the orangutans would suffer from the heat of sunlight and cold of rain. They would also remain hungry ...
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Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) urges the Ministry of Forestry to take proper responsibility towards orangutans, which have become casualties of palm oil plantations. Providing orangutan rehabilitation’s centres, administered by BOS Foundation in Balikpapan and Palangkaraya, fund for orangutans’ care is completely urgent now. This insistence is based on facts that rescued orangutans are often neglected in cages belong to local BKSDA or illegal zoos with improper treatment which hardly meet the standard of animal ...
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I’m Reza, from Jakarta. Currently I have been teaching children with English language at Tura, a village located by Katingan river in Kalimantan. By the way, I am a volunteer of Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP). A few days ago I helped Edi, a resident of the village, to prepare his wedding party, during which I learnt lots of information about the forest, illegal logging, palm oil, gold mining and captivated orangutans! Within a few ...
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Jogjakarta - At least five hundred of Shaggydog’s fans spread a banner saying “Take Orangutans Home” (Pulangkan Orangutan). They urge the CITES’s (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna) secretariat and the ministry of forestry of Indonesia to repatriate 11 orangutans which have been smuggled to Thailand. Thai’s authority has confiscated the orangutans on February 5, 2009, since when the eleven red apes’s fate has been left hanging in a balance. ...
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Jogjakarta, hundreds of Shaggydog’s fans committed to protect orangutans and their habitat during a musical camp, called Dare2Care, in an animal rescue centre of Jogjakarta. The commitment is based on facts that cruel and criminal actions against orangutans in Borneo remain at a standstill.  “Deforestation for palm oil plantations are still done and casualties of orangutans keep on taking place. Cruelty and criminality against orangutans are highly conflicting to Shaggydog’s basic value of love and ...
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Jakarta, The last period’s bell had just rung, when a team of (COP) walked into a primary-four classroom of Jakarta International School (JIS) in South Jakarta.  Displays of students’ works and projects stuck on the classroom’s wall in various colours and shapes caught the team’s eyes and inform them what the students have been learning lately. Simultaneously the students were rearranging chairs in the classrooms for COP’s presentation. The eager young steers coming from various ...
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An action staged right before the main lobby's entry of Manggala Wanabhakti building, the forestry ministry's central office in Jakarta, was indeed eye-catching due to an addition of a theatrical performance portraying a form of orangutans' exploitation in Thailand, the popular orangutan's boxing show. The minister of forestry himself saw the rally at a glance and got one of his staff to bring him the demonstration's press release from a COP volunteer, prior to leaving ...
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Julie Moreno, a science teacher of AIS - Jakarta (Australia International School) has invited COP to have an-hour presentation about threats against orangutans on May 7, 2010 before her students of a lower secondary class in AIS Jakarta.  COP’s Orangufriends Service Officer, Mohammad Ali Daut, shared information of efforts saving the endangered big apes from Asia, orangutans, with twenty-five students in a science class room within AIS. Julie Moreno’s intention to invite COP was to ...
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Jakarta - Have you ever seen somebody wearing clothes made from scraps,  like sachets of detergent, discarded bags, toys, worn out shoes and other thrown away items that you may see in heaps of rubbish? You may have seen one on TV, but what secondary students did during a recycle contest in the gym of PSKD (United Christian Schools of Jakarta) Mandiri was a real breakthrough to make the best of garbage to become commodities ...
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| April 10, 2010
Lucky Gets Lucky
Each orangutan, which have been rescued by COP, has their own unique story of live during a captivity by human, including Lucky, an orangutan who has been successfully saved from a city of Central Java recently. It is unknown how he was separated from his mum in the forest in the first place and ended up in a young man’s hug, who was taking a stroll on the pavement by the street in Sragen, a ...
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