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Two days after a photography workshop at COP School in Jakarta, COP Orangufriends held another similar workshop in Mess 56 in Jogjakarta on August 26, 2010. There were twenty participants attending the photography workshop, featuring Akik and Bismo – professional photographers from Mess 56 community. In addition to Mess 56, COP Orangufriends was also assisted by Animal Friend of Jogja (AFJ) while organizing the workshop.    The workshop has successfully won many participants attention as many ...
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Hardi Baktiantoro | August 25, 2010
Jakarta, Centre for Orangutan Protection starts running a COP School, where Orangufriends – supporters of COP - will learn collectively about anything related to orangutans and their habitat. COP has set a room in its nest behind the mayor office of South Jakarta, and been made over to become a classroom decorated with hilarious themes – similar to those of primary students classrooms, colorful and hilarious.  Such themes were chosen to stimulate happy and inspiring ...
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| August 23, 2010
Today, rain heavily, the river overflowed again. It is happening for the 21 times in 2010. So - average every 10 days, the Dayak communities around the Mendalam forest in Kapuas Hulu should be soaked in a flood. Seems fair if community ask the Forestry Ministry to revoke the license for logging company of PT Toras Banua Success. It is also fair, when they get upset to Forestry Ministry because they feel being ignored. "Maybe ...
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Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) committed a visit to SMK Plus Melati Samarinda, a vocational school, in East Kalimantan for a campaign of orangutans and their habitat's protection on August 4, 2010. During the visit, COP's team shared with students at the school about the importance of forest and orangutans as Indonesian national assets, so that they will develop awareness and take part in efforts of orangutan conservation after the school visit - at least ...
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Jakarta – Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) urges the Forestry Ministry to revoke a logging permit belong to PT. Toras Banua Sukses in the district of Kapuas Hulu – West Kalimantan. Based on a Minister of Forestry’s decree no. 107/MENHUT-II/2006, the Forestry Ministry has issued the logging permit for PT. Toras Banua Sukses on July 17, 2006, which include a concession of 24.920 hectare. The revocation will become a strategic solution for the following problems: ...
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| August 5, 2010
Conservationists from the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) today called on Thailand to send back to Indonesia 11 orangutans illegally imported into their country over 18 months ago. Spokesperson for COP, Ali Daud said today,  “18 months is too long for the orangutans to have been left abandoned by Thailand government. There can be no excuse for the delays and we want our orangutans back in Indonesia – now.” Victims of an illegal, black-market trade, ...
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Jakarta - From 9 to 10 a.m, two orangutans became a lime light for hundreds of commuters passing by the Hotel Indonesia runabout in Jakarta. Each of them held a two-meter stick, at which a red and white flag hoisted. They stand while waving the stick left and right. Less than three meters behind them was a 2 x 4 banner with a message saying, “SAVE OUR NATIONAL TREASURE.” A huge pic of a young ...
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Another male orangutan has just been found near an orangutan cage in Kebun Raya Universitas Mulawarman Samarinda (KRUS) – Botanical Gardens of Mulawarman University of Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Deni and Yadi, animal keepers from KRUS, firstly found the orangutan on July 5, 2010.   The finding was occurred when the animal keepers were about to feeding captivated orangutans in the cages in KRUS. Their eyes caught a baby orangutan, about two-year old, strolling around a ...
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Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) organized a workshop, which was titled 'Enrichment for Cages and Animal Welfare' on July 8, 2010. It was an internal workshop, which was attended by seven animal keepers, public relation staff and the head of animal section of KRUS. All activities were centered at Kebun Raya Unmul Samarinda (KRUS) in East Kalimantan.  Seto Hari Wibowo, a captivity staff from COP, shared about principles of animal welfare and programs of independent ...
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Sintang - Seven orangutans have been successfully rescued by a team consisting of Centre for Orangutan Protection, Orangutan Outreach and Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) during a two-day operation in Sintang and Nangapinoh, West Kalimantan. The orangutans then brought to Kobus Presbytery, where we have been rebuilding an animal rescue centre which formerly prepared by Gibbon Foundation Indonesia in 2004. At the moment, activists of COP and JAAN are working to build new cages at ...
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