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Orangutans are among the most protected animals, as that governed in Indonesian law no. 5 year 1990, and have won a great sympathy from various communities throughout the world. However orangutans remain unprotected from crimes and abuses. During the launch of the National Strategy and Action Plan for Orangutan Conservation on December 10, 2007 the president of Indonesia, Mr. Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono, said that 50.000 orangutans have vanished during the last thirty-five years. If the ...
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Human being may have become the most dangerous and destructing species of all on earth today, as our greed has devastated the nature while we make the forest in Borneo flattened with bulldozers - for the sake of economic growth. As a result thousands of wild species, including orangutans, are decimated like leaves falling from the tree in the autumn. The president of Indonesia, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, stated that 50.000 orangutans have been killed ...
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A tragic incident has taken place to a wild orangutan in Borneo on November 21, 2010. Felling extremely hungry, the orangutan entered the village. He was caught, beaten and drowned into the river afterwards. His lungs were filled with water. Two days later he met his end at BKSDA office in Pontianak – as reported by Daily Mail from Sungai Piyuh – West Kalimantan on December 3, 2010. For a complete story of the poor ...
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COP visited SMKN 1 of Samarinda in East Kalimantan on November 6, 2010 to gain support from students for orangutan conservational efforts. In addition to disseminating information about COP’s efforts to protect orangutans and their habitat, COP also shared with students of the school about basic photography, which involved the students to make their own pinhole cameras and practiced out to take photos with them afterwards. The photography project was aimed at encouraging the students ...
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A Reflexion for Flora & Fauna Loving Day | November 05, 2010
Indonesia has just commemorated the 41st anniversary of PKBSI, an association of all zoos in Indonesia, on November 5, 2010 – which is also commemorated as Indonesia’s flora and fauna loving day. The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), however, has penciled in that orangutans poor conditions in the zoo has been hardly changing to improvement during the last forty-one year. The lack of technical and moral capacity owned by ex situ business performers have contributed ...
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Jakarta – Indonesia deserves to be proud for being called ‘A Mega Biodiversity Country’ - the third largest in the world after Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Indonesia, unfortunately, is also among the countries holding off the longest list of endangered flora and fauna species in the world. According to the Red List Data issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Indonesia has 1, 116 endangered species, including mammals - ...
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Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) and Animal Friend Jogja (AFJ) urge the government to end Pramuka bird market in Jakarta. The disclosure is based on an urgent need for controlled trades towards protected wild animals. “Pramuka bird market has been serving as the center for wild animal trades in Indonesia. We have been witnessing the Agency for Natural Resources Conservation’s (BKSDA) incompetence to rout mafias committing illegal practices of selling ...
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Berau (27/7) - Workers of P.T. Sanjung Makmur, a palm oil corporation, have to eat apes to survive because they can not afford proper food with monthly wages they earn from the corporation. Orangutans and gibbons are kinds of ape and monkeys, which they always consume. The workers are being trapped with loans to buy tools for work such as machetes, sickles, rubber boots and even sleeping mats. Prior to the payday the workers got ...
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Mohammad A Daud | September 8, 2010
My teammate of COP, Ramadhani, and I named her after Ramadhani’s fiance, Epa. This two-year-old female orangutan is another victim of human’s greed for ‘gold’, which has been destroying natural forests of Indonesia, home for Epa and thousands of other orangutans, for palm oil plantations. This is a story about a journey we did on September 5, 2010 to rescue an innocent baby orangutan - The species where she belongs to should become the pride ...
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Ramadhani | August 28, 2010
Thursday, August 26, 2010, KRUS had arrival of Ibu Mila and her son who carried a – around 2-3 years old- orangutan male. Ibu Mila intended to the Orangutan to the KRUS.  KRUS refused and finally the author leaded Ibu Mila to office of BKSDA Samarinda. BKSDA did not want to accept this orangutan, unless there is maintenance history letter with the signature of  of RT, Village Chief, and Head of Subdistrict. Then the Orangutan ...
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