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Daniek Hendarto | April 20, 2011
“Caka, Caka, Caka,” the Center for Orangutan Protection (COP) animal rescue and SOCP called Caka gently, we persuaded her to get into the transport cage that already prepared by the team. Caka was a female-orangutan that had been evacuated by the Conservation and Natural Resources Center (BKSDA) of Central Java, also supported by COP and SOCP. COP could find this orangutan from the BKSDA’s information while COP and BKSDA were evacuating an orangutan called Rani ...
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Sampit – Central Kalimantan. The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) praises Mega Hariyanto, the Head of Agency for Nature Resource Conservation (BKSDA) of Central Kalimantan, for his quick response after receiving COP’s report about three orangutans kept illegally by some residents of Pamalihan Village. The quick response has saved one baby’s life, which found badly sick due to malnutrition during an illegal captivation by a resident in the village. The report was delivered at 2 ...
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| March 29, 2011
It has become COP’s commitment to not run an orangutan rescue centre. The policy is made to keep us independent as a campaigning organization, which encourages positive changes to happen. COP’s involvement in various rescue centres and zoos are not long lasting – our part is only to make sure that captive orangutans in the centres or zoos are treated with a better standard of living. We will eventually leave them if we have achieved ...
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The Thai Government has decided to give away twelve orangutans, which have been smuggled from Indonesia, to the Samutphrakan Crocodile Farm located in the outskirt of Bangkok. The Thai authority confiscated the orangutans in 2009 and captivated them in Kao Pratab Chang Animal Rescue afterwards. The government of Indonesia has refused to fetch the great apes back to Indonesia due to an expensive repatriation cost for the orangutans - for 80,000 USD, which must be ...
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Cilacap - The Nature Resources Conservation Agency from the Ministry of Forestry and the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) joined forces yesterday to confiscate a four year old female orangutan from a maternity clinic in Cilacap - Central Java.   Muchtar Efendi, the owner of the illegal orangutan confirmed he bought the orangutan about one year ago for  US$500. A joint rescue team took the orangutan immediately to Mangkang Zoo in Semarang for urgent medical treatment ...
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Sampit – There are around twenty adult orangutans breaking into a palm oil plantation, belong to PT. Nabatindo Karya Utama (NKU), for food every day – as reported by Christopel Sahabu, one of community leaders of Dayak Ngaju, from the camp of forest defender at Tumbang Koling Village. He spelled out that the orangutans’ 'infiltration' into the plantation happened due to an anomaly of fruit season and decreased supporting capacity of the forest, which does ...
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An orangutan, captivated by an army member of the National Military Forces of Indonesia (TNI), was found died in Muang Ilir, Samarinda on February 21, 2011. Prior to the orangutan’s death the Centre of Orangutan Protection (COP) reported the illegal captivation to the head of Office for Nature Resource’s Conservation in East Kalimantan (BKSDA Kaltim) on December 29, 2010.  To its responds, BKSDA has confirmed that they would not be able to confiscate the illegally ...
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Yogjakarta – Gembira Loka Zoo has stopped orangutan-visitor photo sessions as well as orangutan circus. The zoo’s next important step will be improving orangutans’ welfare in its captivity, by setting enrichment within the orangutans’ enclosure. Prior to the Gembira Loka’s crucial decision of improving its captive orangutans’ welfare. 10 Pebruari 2011, The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) has published its research outcomes, after committing research and monitoring activities in most of ex situ conservations in ...
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Jakarta – Efforts of orangutan’s rehabilitation will end up to become a total failure, if the Forestry Ministry does not secure the forest, where ex-rehabilitated orangutans repatriated eventually, as feared by Central for Orangutan Protection (COP) – which has committed a series of documentation activities around the forest of Muara Wahau - East Kalimantan, into where BOS Foundation will be releasing ex-rehabilitated orangutans in the near future. Based on COP’s findings within the area, Hardi ...
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Forestry Minister’s regulation No. P.53/MenHut-II/2006, which governs conservation institutions, defines zoos as the following; zoos are facilities serving mainly as conservation institutions, which engage in caring and breeding various animals with ethic and the concept of animal welfare in order to develop a new habitat – which will serve as a shelter as well as breeding centre for species through efforts like rescues, rehabilitations and natural reintroduction and will also be administered as conservancy education, ...
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