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One of her fingers had been cut off. Her wrist was injured because of the bonding wire rope. Her entire body was bruised, hit by people. This was the sacrifice that had to pay for oil palm sprouts, she only wanted to survive. She is one of a thousand orangutans that are hunted and killed, because they are considered as ‘pests’ for oil palm plantation. The governments, business conservationists and oil palm plantation companies, stated ...
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YOGYAKARTA - The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) together with the Jogja Outsiders raised money for animal through annual music performance, Dare to Care, in Jogja National Museum (JNM), Saturday, 23 July 2011. This was the second time of Dare to Care event, after it was held in the Yogyakarta Wildlife Rescue Center (PPSJ), Kulonprogo, last year. Feri Ismawan, the Jogja OutSIDers Manager stated that: “As a fan group of Superman is Dead, the OutSIDers ...
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| July 19, 2011
Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) introduces new team in Borneo, the APE Defender. The same way with the APE Crusader team, this team brings mission in rapid response to save the orangutans and their habitat. The APE Defender team will be based in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. If needed, the team can also cover West Kalimantan area. Meanwhile, the team that has already existed, the APE Crusader, will be based in Samarinda, and they cover East Kalimantan area as well. ...
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After committing a practice in a rapid assessment within Gembira Loka Zoo, students of COP School conclude that the zoo’s administrator has been sweeping under the carpet and hasn’t done efforts of upgrading animal welfare for its captive animals seriously.    The Gembira Loka Zoo, with its new management, has been vigorously restoring and building new facilities within the zoo, which is located in Jogkarta city.  However most of the new facilities will not be dedicated ...
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YOGYAKARTA - The Centre for Orangutan Protection, an Indonesian organization which engaged in the protection of orangutan and its habitat, welcomed 18 participants of COP School Batch #1 who come from several cities in Indonesia. They would learn to be an activist who protects the orangutan and its habitat during 11 July - 17 October 2011. The orangutans condition in their habitat, especially in Kalimantan, are more desperate following the oil palm plantations expansion. Many ...
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Do you dare enough to join a rescue team to save the orangutan and its habitat? If you dare, please join us at the COP School! The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) is an indigenous Indonesian organization which engaged in the protection of orangutan and its habitat. We invite you, the young and brave juveniles, to join with the COP School. This activity is combining of trainings in various skills, such as campaign, education, animal ...
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| June 23, 2011
In the beginning, the Mobile Education Unit car type Toyota Rush car that was a donation from Australian Orangutan Project (AOP), was intended to support educational programmes. A huge photo of orangutan baby and popular information about the orangutan are displayed in the body of the car. These are becoming the point of attention to the students and communities. The functions of this car are developing. Nowadays, the Mobile Education Unit is not only to ...
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Chengdu-China (13th June). At the biannual Animals Asia Conference attended by about 50 organizations from all over the world, the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) was honoured with the Andrews Award for Outstanding Contribution by Young Activists.   Every two years animal protection activists from many backgrounds , such as veterinarian associations, zoos, governments or non-governmental organizations attend the Asia for Animals Conference. They meet to share experiences and knowledge, inspiration and to reinforce and ...
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Yogyakarta - In Indonesia, zoo is one of favorite tourist destinations for students. Besides recreation, education is one of reasons for students to learn the wildlife. Daniek Hendarto, orangutan campaigner of Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) has stated: “In general, we can learn nothing in the zoo. What can be learned from the animal in the cage with its suffering? What can be learned from the orangutan show? That’s not funny at all, and it ...
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Jakarta – Minister of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia, Suswono, conducted a visit to France and Spain. His mission was to communicate the information and the policies also efforts to develop a national oil palm industry on the principle of sustainability. Similar visit will also be conducted by United States on 23 May, 2011. It is planned in the visit; the Minister will bring the orangutans and give them to the zoo as government’s attention to ...
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