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Hardi Baktiantoro | April 18, 2012
Dear Orangufriends,              For the first time of Indonesia law history, the judge found guilty of the charge of killing orangutans (although it is too late, after the crime against orangutans happened in 10 years with the number of victims 2.400 – 12.000 orangutans). The sentence is too light, the managers of the plantation as the masterminds faced 8 months in jail with a rupiah 30 million fine, and the executors in the field to ...
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SAMARINDA – The prosecutors at the Tenggarong district court called for each defendant at managerial level of PT. Khaleda Agroprima Malindo to be imprisoned for only one year with a rupiah 50 million (about US$ 5,450) fine. While the executors to be imprisoned a year with a rupiah 20 (about US$ 4,550) fine. Michel Irarya, the Orangutan Campaigner of Centre for Orangutan Protection states as follows: “We consider the proposed sentence too light, however the ...
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JAKARTA - For the first time in the history of Indonesia law, the orangutan killing case is going on trial at the Tenggarong district court. However, the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) considers that the prosecution at the trial is too light. It will result, the light sentence will be a reference to the similar cases. Because currently, the trial of orangutan killing cases are being held at Sangatta district court. The cases involve the ...
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Do you like to see the wildlife program in TV, such as Animal Planet? Do you want to get involved in wildlife rescue activity? So, be part of COP School programme, where you can learn various skills and experiences to become an activist of wildlife protection in the future.  The class will be held from 18 May to 20 May 2012 in Yogyakarta, then you can engage more in the dynamic world of COP in ...
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Arfiana Khairunnisa | March 28, 2012
If Sidney was a teenager who understood the Indonesia law, therefore he would prosecute the people who had killed his mother. But Sidney is an orangutan baby. He was almost 6 month-old when he lost his mother and must survive alone at the zoo in East Kalimantan, along with another orphaned orangutans. So, we are the people who care and try to prosecute the killers of Sidney’s mother.   The trial of Sidney’s mother is ...
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Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) urges the Malaysian government to proactively search for and arrest Aru Mugem Samugem who has been declared a fugitive by the Interpol since December 2011. The man who is Malaysian citizen, is suspect over orangutan killing in the concession area of PT Khaleda Agroprima Malindo, a subsidiary of Metro Kajang Holdings (MKH) Berhad in Muara Kaman, East Kalimantan.  Daniek Hendarto, the Campaigner of COP states as follows:  “Aru Mugem Samugem ...
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JAKARTA - Law enforcement as a key factor to solve the various problems in wildlife killing to be feared would not result in significant, because the orangutan ‘killers’ who go on trial only the field executors, not the estate manager who ordered to kill the orangutan and other animals.  Currently, 3 trials over slaughtering primates for pest control in East Kalimantan are being held at Sangatta district court in East Kutai and Tenggarong district court ...
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Elizabeth Laksmi | March 08, 2012
Sunday, March 4, 2012, the APE Warrior team conducted a Sunday School for the second time, this class was attended by the children who were living surround APE Warrior camp in Yogyakarta. The time showed 8 am, but the children already gathered at the camp. Though the Sunday School started at 9 am. At 8.30 am, the camp’s door was opened. Hurray! The children could not wait to come in, and abracadabra! They smiled at ...
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Arfiana Khairunnisa | March 03, 2012
A birthday should be celebrated with full of joy and meaning. Birthday is a special day for those who celebrate, and for those who are around him or her. First of March is Centre for Orangutan Protection’s (COP) birthday. This year, COP celebrates its 5th anniversary birthday, since it has been established in 2007. Celebrating COP’s birthday in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, orangutans in Kebun Raya Universitas Mulawarman Samarinda (KRUS) received the gifts from Orangufriends in ...
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On Wednesday, 15th of February 2012, the APE Defender team in Central Kalimantan visited two schools in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, as the school visit programme of Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP). On that day, the first school visit was in SMAN 4 Palangka Raya, in Sisimangaraja III street. The first thing to do was, the APE Defender team presented 17 slide of photos about orangutans, their habitat and the conflict. Every photo slide aimed ...
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