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‘Jacky’, a teenage Orangutan has lived in the Bali Zoo at Ubud, in the highlands of Bali for 7 years and on Monday 17 September 2012 he was returned into a totally revamped and updated enclosure.   Completed in just one week by Bev Luff, founder of “With Compassion and Soul”, 20 Volunteers from Australia and the USA, 7 staff from The Centre of Orangutan Protection along with a team of local Indonesian workers and ...
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The South Kalimantan Nature Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) has recued the orangutan and 2 gibbons from Banjarmasin zoo, on 24 September 2012. The campaign began on 6th of September 2012 when Centre for Orangutan Protection delivered the report on the zoo condition to the Ministry of Forestry. In the report, we urged the department to close down the zoo. Our reasons why we urged this zoo to close down: physically it is impossible to improve ...
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JAKARTA – Jakarta is the largest wildlife trade hub in the world. Various wild and protected species from all regions of Indonesia, can be shipped and sold in Jakarta, henceforth also be smuggled to abroad.  Jatinegara and Pramuka bird market are a central point of wildlife crime, which is no prosecution. The crime is committed by the organized mafia. The confidential operation are often leaked and never led to arrest the criminals. The result is, ...
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With the population of both species of orangutans continue to plummet at an estimated rate of anywhere between 1000 and 2500 a year the need for more urgent action is needed. Plans are underway to bring further attention in various ways early in 2013 on the primary cause of species like orangutans being wiped out; namely the palm oil industry. Details will be released nearer the time. The present total population of orangutans is thought ...
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The villagers accidentally burned an orangutan in a rescue operation at West Kalimantan on 26th of August 2012. Finally, the orangutan died after succumbing to the severe burns on the way to a Rehabilitation Centre on 29th of August 2012. According to the Centre for Orangutan Protection, this is not a new incident.  The fact is an Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre has orangutan graveyard. For example in Nyarumenteng, Central Kalimantan, the buried orangutans are the orangutans ...
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SOLO – With the financial and technical support from the Centre for Orangutan Protection, the Taru Jurug zoo continues to improve the animals’ welfare. After Tori, the smoking orangutan, and her male companion named Didi were successfully moved to a small island to help her quit the habit on 25 July 2012. On 16 August 2012, 2 orangutans named Dony and Yeti were also moved to the enclosure from their quarantine cage.  For about 11 ...
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The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) urges the Ministry of Forestry to close down the Banjarmasin zoo and rescue all the animals which are held in the zoo. This is based on:   Physically it is impossible to improve this zoo. The land is too small and all the cages are wrong design. The cages are all too small with concrete floors, and the visitors are able to easily touch the animals. As the result ...
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Solo – The Taru Jurug zoo in Solo moved a female orangutan named Tori (13 year-old) to a small island in the middle of the lake inside the zoo. This aims to stop Tori from smoking. In the island of 300 meters square, Tori and her partner Didik (23 year-old) would reach out from the zoo visitors. This relocation was supported by Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) and Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN). Lilik Kristianto, ...
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Bintang Dian Pertiwi | July 24, 2012
Orangutan House is a newly built building at Ragunan zoo. Here, orangutan baby named Kamso was born on 12 May 2012. Kamso is Sisca and Bimo’s baby.  There are 8 orangutans at Orangutan House, they are Bimo’s family; Sisca and Kamso, a lover Lita and Simba, two best friends Leo and Sani, and Hamidah, the new inhabitant who moved in 14 Juni 2012 to Orangutan House. Orangutan House has small cages and a big playing ...
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PALANGKARAYA - At least 11 endangered species such as orangutans, sunbears, gibbons, lemurs, flying squirrels, and others 34 of birds that are living in the forest in Tumbang Koling village, Cempaga Hulu subdistrict, Central Kalimantan province will be loss if the fires cannot be stopped. On the paper, the status of the forests that have high level of biodiversity does not refer to a ‘forest’, but only a ‘land’, and currently are being contested among ...
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