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Orangutan DNA
Kertaningtyas | October 27, 2012
I am still waiting for someone or a rescue team to come and help me. For more than ten years, I live in behind bars that full of trash. I live alone by myself with a pile of trash. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Virang, a fourteen-year-old male orangutan, who lives in a zoo in Palembang, South Sumatra. I'm staying in no roof cage, in a tube shape cage with iron ...
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| October 24, 2012
School visit on 17th of October, 2012, was very special, because the APE Warrior camp in Yogyakarta had a guest from Australia, she is Janelle Tuero. Nell, her short name, assisted the APE Warrior team to deliver information about orangutans through school visit programme in Karang Mloko 2 Elementary School, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Nell is a middle-aged woman who loves kids. In Australia, she is often conducting the same activity, she delivers the information about ...
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Kertaningtyas | October 16, 2012
Monday, 15th of October 2012, was a big day. Because the animal keepers and COP’s volunteers were gathered next to the new enclosure, they gave thank to God because the second enclosure at Botanical Garden Samarinda finished. And today, they would move the orangutans from the cage to the enclosure. Memo, Uci, Icel, Pingpong and Untung were the orangutans that would be moved to the enclosure, after they were in the cage. Memo is a ...
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Arfiana Khairunnisa | October 09, 2012
Rocky was not attractive sitting on the perch. Yes, this 1,5 year-old male orangutan baby was sitting on the perch like a bird, on the wood to use for bird perches. But below the perch, there were wood with thorns so he would not go down. His condition was not really good, the owner gave ice to him, and so he had stomach bloating. He also looked to have a symptom of common cold, include ...
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Traditionally, Borneo is divided into 3 major empire, namely: Pontianak in West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and Banjar in South and East Kalimantan's Kutai. In today APE Crusader 2 cars blessed by a shaman of the Sultanate of Banjar. Hopefully APE Crusader 2 is able to confront all challenges and survive the dangers in its mission to save orangutans. Thanks to Sue Sheward and Orangutan Appeal UK for sponsoring this Rapid Response Team. ...
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| October 04, 2012
It is like throwing a grenade. To scare the orangutans, so they do not eat palm oil seedlings. The APE Defender team is on the location, so there is no victims of firecrackers, either the orangutans or the people.  Katingan watershed in Central Kalimantan is orangutan habitat. At least 2500 orangutans are living there. Tumbang Samba village is located on Katingan’s bank river. There were many trees, but now the company or the local community ...
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| October 02, 2012
 He was the illegal orangutan kept by a police officer in East Kalimantan. His mother  was killed by palm oil plantation workers. Centre for Orangutan Protection has reported these crimes to the Ministry of Forestry for more than 3 months ago. But still not yet evacuated. Rambo has trigger death yesterday afternoon on October 1, 2012. There are at least four other orangutans out there who have not evacuated until now. Death orangutans illegally kept, ...
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Jakarta – Today, Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) launched APE Crusader 2 as a replacement unit of APE Crusader that had to retire after 4 years drove off road on Borneo’s road to save orangutans since 2008.  The APE Crusader is one of Rapid Response Team of COP, the other teams are APE Warrior and APE Defender. They work on the front line and take any risk to stop the crimes and cruelty to orangutans. ...
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JAKARTA – Kontribusi untuk menggalang dukungan terhadap pelestarian orangutan bisa dengan berbagai macam cara, salah satunya adalah melalui musik. Centre for Orangutan Protection melakukan upaya penggalangan dana untuk orangutan melalui acara konser musik amal bertajuk ‘Sound for Orangutan’. Acara ini juga menyambut Hari Satwa Sedunia  pada 4 Oktober mendatang. Berbeda dengan konser musik biasa, dalam Sound for Orangutan nanti pengunjung akan dibekali pengetahuan tentang orangutan. Cerita-cerita perjuangan penyelamatan orangutan akan disajikan dalam rangkaian foto dan ...
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| September 27, 2012
Do you still remember Tori the smoking orangutan? She was giving birth on 26th of September 2012. She had given birth naturally and without the help of veterinarians or animal keepers. We could not determine the sex of the baby, because the baby was born in an island at Taru Jurug zoo, Solo. So, we have to take a closer look at Tori on the island to make sure the sex of the baby. Didik, ...
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