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Orangutan DNA
| February 04, 2013
JAKARTA – On Sunday, 3rd of February 2013, the APE Warrior team of Centre for Orangutan Protection departs to Sumatra. In this journey, the team will gather the public support to fight against wildlife poaching and trading, and will also help the zoo management to achieve the goals as an ex situ conservation that are mandated by the Ministry of Forestry, particularly in term of animal welfare and public awareness and education. Daniek Hendarto, APE ...
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Yosha Melinda | January 27, 2013
little Jo looks very shy when we approached him from outside the cage, he was hiding behind a small dirty burlap sack, with holes in the middle for peeking, its obvious that Jo was once a wild orangutans, whose not get used surrounded by humans. He cried and cringed when we try to pull him out from dirty and smelly cage size 1x1M ,as if felt that we were going to hurt him, he seemed ...
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| January 10, 2013
Sekonyer River has hypnotized us to always come back again and again. The beauty of river bend which trees are still standing strong on either side of the river, making all creatures at home. Orangutan is one of the occupants. Sometimes, we could see orangutans are swinging on trees by the river, sometimes it plays alone, and sometimes the mother with her baby. Sekonyer River is a route to Sekonyer Village and Tanjung Puting National ...
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| December 15, 2012
On 14 December 2012, the Centre for Orangutan Protection together with the Central Java Natural Resources Conservation Center had rescued a male orangutan in Gembong village, Pati district, Central Java. We named him Kirno to replace his previous name Gundul, which was given by his owner. Because this is a gift that he could be free from the narrow and stink cage where he has been living for 6 years.   We estimate Kirno is ...
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| December 13, 2012
When he was abandoned by his mother in a farm field belongs to a farmer of Hambur Batu village, Sangatta, East Kalimantan, perhaps Joey was only a month in his mother’s arms. Or perhaps less than that. His first tooth has not come, so he could not chew. Milk was the only food he ate. If his mother went away, therefore who would feed him? This poor baby had been staying with the farmer for ...
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Kertaningtyas | November 20, 2012
Giving an understanding of the role of orangutans and the forest to the children in the earliest years of their lives is very important. For them, we have to be creative and active, so it will be more fun. On 20 November 2012, the APE Crusader team and the East Kalimantan Orangufriends conducted a school visit at Islam Yasmin Playgroup in Samarinda. We provided them the wildlife sketches, because the children in the earliest years ...
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JAKARTA – Centre for Orangutan Protection urges Malaysian government to hand over Aru Mugem Samugem, he is suspected of killing orangutans. Since December 2011, the Interpol has helped sought the General Manager of PT Khaleda (a subsidiary company of Metro Kajang Holdings Berhad – Malaysia), after he reportedly fled to his native Malaysia. Aru is indicted for orangutans’ life that were slaughtered in Puan Cepak, East Kalimantan. On 23rd of February 2010, Aru had led ...
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| October 30, 2012
26 October 2012 – Borneo Island is a landscape that becomes an important habitat for orangutans, which is currently in danger because of palm oil companies’ expansion. The threat to orangutans either in Kalimantan Indonesia or Sabah Malaysia should be regarded as one problem. This solidarity is established after Centre for Orangutan Protection exposed the facts about palm oil companies’ crimes toward orangutans in Kalimantan. Orangutan protection activists who attended the Sabah Orangutan Conservation Dialogue ...
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| October 29, 2012
26 October 2012 – The Malaysian palm oil businessmen consider that give an opportunity for COP to reveal the facts to the public about orangutan victims as the impact of deforestation for oil palm plantation by the Malaysian-owned company, is a mistake. Those are the statement of COP’s informer from Sabah, Malaysia. COP provided the evidence of the case at Sabah Orangutan Conservation Dialogue that held on 24-25 of October 2012. This event has opened ...
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Kota Kinabalu (25/10) – The Centre for Orangutan Protection is challenging the Malaysian palm oil businessman that operating their business in Indonesia to prove their seriousness to protect the orangutans by signing the Zero Tolerance policy for the orangutan murderers and to support the law enforcement. Hardi Baktiantoro, Director of Centre for Orangutan Protection give statements as follow: “Malaysia is an important player in the palm oil business in Indonesia. From 8.9 million hectares of ...
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