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Kertaningtyas | February 20, 2013
Hundred of primary school students crowded around us. They wanted to answer our questions. “Me, Mister!” said a student by raising his hand. But then, followed by the others, “Me, Sir!”, “I am the first, Sir!”. They called us whatever they wanted. At that time, almost all the students were raising their hands up and went closer to us. It was a school visit at El Mundo School in Jambi.   It was a lovely ...
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Kertaningtyas | February 18, 2013
 Jambi was the second city that APE WARRIOR visited for Sumatra Mission project. The mission of the trip is, to gather public support to fight against poaching and wildlife trade, and to help the zoos to achieve purposes of an ex situ conservation institutions as its mandated by the Ministry of Forestry, especially in terms of the welfare of wildlife and public education.   For two days the team worked so hard, helping the animal ...
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Yosha Melinda | February 16, 2013
In most case, an orangutan ages 6-7 is already able to live independently in the forest, but not for the pretty orangutan named Wati. She may need to learn again how to survive in the wild. Wati, are found in oil palm plantations owned by the local people in Muara Kaman, East Kalimantan. According to the local people, whom taking care of  Wati, she was found with her mother while passing the local palm oil ...
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Kertaningtyas | February 15, 2013
APE Warrior in mission to explore Sumatra Island, campaign for anti-poaching and illegal wildlife trade and help the zoo through which to improve the welfare of wildlife. One of the campaign was a visit to the school or as known as school visit. During the eight-day trip, since February 3, 2013, they have been visited five schools, Xavier 1 junior High School in Palembang, School El Mundo Jambi, SDN 4 Kubang Putih and SDN 5 ...
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JAKARTA – The orangutan lovers urge Bangkok Safari World in Thailand to stop an orangutan show, ‘Thai Boxing’, that regularly performed. They conduct a rally by giving fruits to the people outside Thailand embassy at Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. Yosha Melinda, COP Campaigner, states as follow: “Orangutan boxing is cruel, Thailand Government should stop the orangutan boxing in Bangkok Safari World. Human should share their love to orangutan, because they are human close relatives, and not ...
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 YOGYAKARTA - The zoo is one of popular place for the people in Indonesia, and the zoo has a function as an education centre where people can learn about the animals. But in Indonesia, some zoos only make profits by exploiting their animals.Centre for Orangutan Protection has recorded, zoos in Indonesia, such as Taman Safari zoo in Bogor, Maharani Zoo in Lamongan, and Gembira Loka zoo in Yogyakarta, are still treating orangutan as an photo ...
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SAMARINDA – Since 2012, Centre for Orangutan Protection has recorded, as many as 14 orangutans are illegally kept as pets by local of East Kalimantan. The people, who keep the orangutan, use to live next to the oil palm plantation.  For that reason, COP conducted a rally 'Give Some Love for Orangutan' outside Lembuswana Mall in Samarinda. Ramadhani, COP Campaigner, states as follow: "Orangutan that is kept as pet is the result of forest destruction ...
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On 2nd February 2013, Centre for Orangutan Protection and Banjarnegara Culture and Tourism Department have signed memorandum of understanding to improve the welfare of orangutans and also to provide enrichment facilities in orangutan cages at Serulingmas Zoo, Banjarnegara District, Central Java. Cipluk, April, Parno, and Tuti are the orangutans that are now living in Serulingmas zoo. The four orangutans live in very poor cages. Daniek Hendarto, Ex Situ Conservation Program Coordinator of COP states as ...
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PALEMBANG – Centre for Orangutan Protection asks for closing down the Punti Kayu Zoo in Palembang, South Sumatra, and rescuing all the protected animals there. This request is proposed to the Ministry of Forestry. This is based on: The zoo is illegal, the management does not have permission to hold certificate as an ex situ conservation institution. Technically, the zoo management does not have capacity and experience to enable them to care appropriately for the wildlife ...
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Balikpapan, 4 February 2013 – The East Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BKSDA) and Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), have signed the Memorandum of Understanding as the commitment to protect orangutan, especially for the sub species Pongo pygmaeus morio. The MoU was signed today between the Head of East Kalimantan BKSDA, Ir. Tandya Tjahjana, M.Si, and Director of Centre for Orangutan Protection, Hardi Baktiantoro. The event was attended by Director of Biodiversity Conservation Directorate General ...
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