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Yogyakarta - The method for illegal wild animals trafficking is getting more advanced along with technology developments. One of the most common method is by using Facebook or online advertising. Facebook is the easiest communication tool between sellers to trade protected or non-protected wild animals. Mostly, sellers will create a closed communication group to promote and trade wild animals.  "Sellers and buyers will gather in one group which enable them to get information about wild ...
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Coinciding with their 8th anniversary, the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) launched the APE Warrior 2 car to replace APE Warrior. The APE Warrior vehicle has been retired after 5 years of roaming around Java, Sumatra and Bali. APE Warrior was originally called the Mobile Education Unit (MECU) and was based at COP headquarters in Jakarta. However, the COP ultimately needed to expand it to become a separate team like APE Crusader and APE Defender ...
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Pungki Nanda Pratama | February 23, 2015
Far in depths of the tropical rain forest in northern Kalimantan, the Centre for Orangutan Protection is in the process of building an Orangutan Rescue Centre in the Special Purpose Forest Conservation district (KHDTK) which is governed by government institute DIPTEROCARPA.  The conditions in the Labanan rain forest are ideal for rehabilitating orangutan and any other species which requires special attention before being returned to the wild. The Labanan tropical rainforest is lowland forest and ...
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On Thursday 5th February 2015, the Ape Defenders, a team currently working in the Labanan jungle reserve in the Berau region, offered a class about the protection of orangutans to year 11 students at Samarinda Forestry High School. These 96 students are currently completing one month of field work in the Labanan jungle reserve.  The class was held in front of the research station belonging to Governmental Research Unit B2PD (Balai Besar Penelitian Dipterokarpa) in ...
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Erni Suyanti Musabine | February 16, 2015
The orangutan, although a wild animal, bears strong genetic resemblances to humans, and has the ability to learn from its surrounding environment. Because of this, the practice of animal feeding, which is commonplace in zoos, is tantamount to teaching orangutan to beg for food. Without doubt, such a practice gives rise to unnatural behaviour, and is contrary to the principles of animal welfare, which maintain that animals in captivity must be allowed to express their ...
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The Head of Research and Development of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Professor San Afri Awang, paid a visit to COP's Centre in Berau, North Kalimantan. He reassured the support from the Government of Indonesia for orangutan conservation. For orangutans, our new centre is probably the most luxurious centre in Indonesia as it is located inside the protected forest and rich with biodiversity. Once the rescued orangutans arrived here, they will have the best ...
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Conservation is a job that requires a lot of human resources, money and time. Ironically, everything can fall a part by one careless and indifferent. The damage caused can be greater if done by the celebrities whose behaviour often lead the trend in society. Wildlife conservation in Indonesia has become harder now since the celebrities mess it in their social media accounts.  For all those outraged by this here is her twitter... @ralineshah / Raline Shah #OrangutanBukan ...
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"Art For Orangutan" adalah sebuah project kepedulian para seniman muda untuk mendukung kerja para relawan penyelamat orangutan yang bekerja keras dan berhadapan langsung dengan kenyataan di lapangan sekaligus sebagai bentuk cinta atas terjaganya habitat dan kelangsungan hidup orangutan. Semenjak September 2014, Gigi Nyala (GILA) mempublikasikan ide #ArtForOrangutan ini. Hasilnya sekitar 85 seniman siap memamerkan karyanya pada 31 Januari hingga 3 February 2015 di JNM (Jogja National Museum.  Hari kedua akan diadakan "Kelas Melamun" yang diorganisir Ketjil Bergerak ...
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We would like to say BIG thank you for the participation of the students of 1st Senior High School of Sintang, West Kalimantan in saving orang-utans. Today, they give donation to COP as amounted 222.000 IDR or about 22 USD. We really appreciate this support. Despite hedonism lifestyle among young people in Indonesia, this is an very extra ordinary effort.  ...
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