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Orangutan DNA
Setyawan | July 20, 2013

It was a morning, 18th July 2013. It was a happiness day for me and COP’s volunteers at Taru Jurug Zoo (TSTJ) in Solo. On that day, Kirno, a 10 year-old male orangutan, would be moved from 2x1,5 meters cage to an island that has big as twice as basketball court. This island is inside the TSTJ.  Kirno was confiscated by the Central Java Natural Resources Conservation Centre and Centre for Orangutan Protection in Pati, Central Java, in the end of 2012. As evidence, Kirno should stay at TSTJ in Solo for a while. He got good care and his ...
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Kertaningtyas | July 15, 2013

 Sunny Sunday morning at Samarinda Botanical Garden (KRUS), one adult orangutan was walking to and fro, tried to reach the visitors who were mostly children. Some children were so happy and hugged the orangutan, but some of them kept the distance to the orangutan. How was this happened, is dangerous for the children and the orangutan itself, wasn’t? Of course it wasn’t a real orangutan. Every Sunday together with Orangufriends, Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP)’s supporter group, is having an activity to draw and color the wildlife. Our targets are children at the age of kindergarten and primary school who ...
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Ade Fitria Alfiani | July 10, 2013

Beberapa bulan yang lalu tersebar poster adanya COP School Batch #3, apa itu COP? Mungkin banyak yang sudah tau dan banyak pula yang belum mengenal. Pada 27 – 30 Juli 2013, berbagai orang dari berbagai wilayah di Indonesia berkumpul bersama. Dengan latar belakang individu yang berbeda – beda, yang memiliki berjuta pemikiran, impian dan tujuan berkumpul di satu tempat selama 4 hari, dengan harapan yang berbeda pada awalnya, bersama menemukan satu tujuan dan visi pada akhirnya, yaitu untuk menjaga harta bangsa yang harusnya menjadi ciri khas negara ini. Orangutan dan berbagai satwa liar yang sedikit demi sedikit tersingkirkan dengan majunya ...
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Paulinus Kristianto | July 01, 2013

For the indigenous people in Kalimantan, it is very common to see the forest being cleared, land and forest turn into mining holes and the rivers turn into factory waste. This isn’t intentional action, if they eventually numb of everything they see and feel everyday. The abundant natural resources in Kalimantan finally only a tale, and the reality shows that Kalimantan people live in the middle of the exploitation of natural resources. When the people are demanding justice over the tradition, the result isn’t justice, but the vilification of local wisdom on behalf of the law and policy. Entering the ...
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Paulinus Kristianto | June 15, 2013

Orangutan that smokes, drinks its own urine, eats its vomit, licks the iron bars, or hits itself to the wall, those common stress symptoms often seen in orangutan in captivity because of bad environment. Orangutan can’t talk like a human, but we can communicate and understand what have been happened with them, what are they thinking and feeling. Some of orangutans even can show stress symptoms by plucking the hair, refuse to eat, therefore they become so thin and dehydration, and finally die. Loneliness and lack of space to move are the main reasons why the orangutans are stress inside ...
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Yosha Melinda | June 01, 2013

“Miss, can I save orangutan too?” A student of Jakarta Nanyang School asked me about that after he paid attention to my presentation about orangutan in Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta. The presentation this time was much more challenging because I should deliver the presentation in English. Moreover, the audiences were primary school students, so I needed to deliver it in interesting way. We started our ‘Save Orangutan’ tour by walking around to learn about primates in Schmutzer Education Centre, which is located inside Ragunan Zoo. When we entered Schmutzer, siamang made a calling. Siamang is one of Indonesia and Malaysia endemic ...
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